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Kaibab Estates West  Volunteer Fire Dept

Community Fire Suppression, Prevention & Medical


Kaibab National Forest - Alerts & Notices

Letter to the Kaibab Estates West surrounding subdivisions:
Our records indicate that you own property or properties that are not included in the Kaibab Estates West Fire District (KEWFD) and we wish to inform you ...... click Here to read the rest of the letter.

Current Out of District Rates: click Here to open.
Explanation of Fire District Services: click Here to open.

The Fire Department is looking for volunteers. If you are interested please contact the Fire Chief or the Asst. Fire Chief at 928-380-0088.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the best possible care to the people that live, visit and travel through the area served by the Kaibab Estates West Volunteer Fire Department.

1) The Kaibab Estates West Fire Department is an all volunteer organization  dedicated  to our community   providing life safety  through fire prevention, protection, and education.

2) Through a shared vision we value and strive to continually improve volunteer development while providing the best possible customer service.

3) We will continue to be a key team player in the community and work to maintain a sense of safety and security.

4) We are dedicated and compassionate volunteers who recognize our greatest strength lies in our team approach.

Contact Us

Station 1

3918 Double A Ranch Road

Kaibab Estates West


PO Box 384

Ash Fork Az, 86320

928-637-2555 Emergency Line

928-380-0088 Office

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